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This web site offers groups who meet periodically a way to easily organize and rsvp for upcoming events, without a long trail of email messages or other nuisances. Some examples of groups that might use this are:

  • A pickup game (frisbee, soccer, softball...)
  • A book club
  • A poker game
  • A knitting circle
Currently, there are two main features of this site. First, members of the group can send email to the other members, for example an invitation to an upcoming event. Second, the others can respond with their availability for that event with a couple mouse clicks. At any point group members can get a tally of whose available by visiting the group web page: This web site is currently in development and alpha testing. If you have an account here, you should be able to access it by following one of the links in your email (not from this page).

If you are interested in hosting a club here, you may contact us at this address:

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